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We are pleased to offer you the option of a winter share, new as of 2017!  By adding a winter share, we’ll now be able to feed you for an additional 5 months of the year! Our plan is for winter share distributions to be every other week, (so 10 pickups in all) beginning in mid-November and wrapping up in late March. Pickup times are very flexible – come any time on any day during the pickup weeks as your schedule and driving conditions permit. The squash & sweet potatoes will come as a one-time initial distribution for you to store in your own home, and the rest will be available here throughout the winter. The share will be distributed out of the walk-in cooler attached to our barn, which should keep storage veggies snug and cozy through the winter.

The bi-weekly share will include: Winter Squash & Sweet Potatoes, Cabbages, Carrots, Potatoes, Onions, possibly Leeks, Garlic, Beets, Celeriac, Parsnips, Turnips, Rutabaga, Daikon Radishes & Watermelon Radishes, as well as about a pound each week of Greens from other local farms with similar growing practices to our own. As with our regular season share, some items may be limited, and there will also be an overall poundage limit, but you will be able to customize the share to meet your needs to some extent. Please let us know if you have particular needs.

Our intent is that a Full Share member will come away with an average of about 18 lbs. of food every two weeks (including the up-front crops that you'll store in your house). Roots will be either dry-brushed or washed, depending what they are, so they'll be relatively clean, like what you're used to seeing here. Our winter share price is $375, with a low-income option at $300. 

Click on link to download our

Winter Share 2017 Sign-up Form


"This farm, and the spirit at work at it, are an essential part of our groundedness, our life and health, our joy. We thank you every day as we gather at table."
-The Gabriels (Ashfield)