P1040516 Layer Hens

We currently have a flock of about 180 birds. In the warmer months the flock lives out on pasture, with a mobile coop to sleep and nest in. They have lots of access to grass, dirt, and bugs during this time. We supplement our hens' foragings with certified organic grain. In the winter our flock lives in an enclosed area near our farmhouse, with a smaller coop for sleeping and nesting, and a larger hoop house nearby for eating and hanging out in during the day. They walk through the outdoors for a short distance to get between the two, but chickens and New England winters are not really an ideal match, so mostly they stay under cover in the winter. You can purchase our most delicious eggs for $6/dozen at our farm store. 


Leora and hogs Pork

We now have our own breeding pair on the farm and raise two batches of piglets per year for pork. They spend six weeks or so with their mom, then move out to the woods where they can run and root and grow until they're about six months old and around 200 lbs. We supplement their foragings with non-GMO grain and vegetable scraps. You can find a wide selection of delectable pork products in our farm store freezers.