Sign Up for a 2023 Main Season Share

Share Type
Low-Income Shares

Low income shares are offered to those who are eligible - An additional application is required to determine eligibility. The cost of these low-income shares can be paid for using Massachusetts’ SNAP / HIP programs, making our CSA Share more accessible than ever. They can also be paid for in installments for those who do not have SNAP funds. If you would like to apply for a low income share, please indicate this now, and we will provide you with the supplemental application to apply for one!

Please note: If you are a SNAP recipient and would like to pay for your share via these funds, we will also send you the SNAP membership agreement and set things up accordingly. Please indicate if you plan to use SNAP funds here.

Donate to the Farm!

Donating is the best way to pledge additional support for our work of nourishing our community. Members with the means can sign up for any share, and can indicate here how much more they would like to pledge in addition to their share cost, in any denomination, if they choose. These donations help to balance the farm’s income from those who pay at a reduced price with additional funds from members who can offer more. Donations also help us cover our operating costs each year, allow us to save for big capital investments, and maybe even set us up with a modest emergency fund.Thank you for your contribution!

Contact Information
Second Household Contact Information

If you are sharing with another family, or have another family members contact information you'd like us to know, please include their information below.

We request that families splitting a share coordinate with each other such that you are not both coming within the same week, unless you plan to come and fill your shared bag together.

Shareholder Agreement

Please check the box to indicate your understanding.

Your Total

Shortly after you click Send, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Then, once we receive and process your signup form, we will send you a second email via Intuit Quickbooks - check your updates and spam folders, and if you do not receive this within a few business days, please email us.

In that second email, you will be asked to pay the required initial $150 deposit (Unless you plan to pay for your share using SNAP/HIP) - From that email you can view your current balance, see the due date for final payments, or make a digital payment. However, checks or cash are always our preferred form of payment, as it keeps more money right here on the farm instead of paying card processing fees! Please mail checks to the farm or drop them off in the CSA Barn payment jar, making sure we can clearly understand who and what the payment is for.

At that time, at least a $150 deposit will be due in order to complete your sign-up. Your CSA share is not fully reserved until we have acknowledged your sign up with a Quickbooks invoice and received this initial payment.

Total Amount Due: $