To apply to Natural Roots farm apprenticeship program, please complete the following:

1) Please answer the following questions:

   a) Tell us about yourself (age, background, gender, etc), your interests, and your long-range plans.

   b) What do you hope to learn and why do you want to work at Natural Roots?

   c) What sort of physical condition are you in? Tell us about physically demanding work or athletic experience you have had.

   d) Are there any special considerations we should know about (diet, health, etc.)?

   e) What do you consider one of your best accomplishments?

   f) What skills do you have that you feel would contribute to our farm operation?

   g) How do you feel you work in a team, living in close quarters with others?

   h) When would you be available?

2) Please include a resume

3) Please provide 3 references we can contact regarding your work experience and/or learning style.