MG 0778 Josh Andrews - 2018Nick

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P1060625Josh is a runner in nature, hockey player in dreams, and wannabe writer.  After spending the summer of 2015 on Fred's Farm in Alexandria, NH, farming captured his heart. He spent the following two growing seasons at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA, building on his vegetable production skills. He's excited to be at Natural Roots to continue farming, develop new skills, work with livestock, learn the art of being a teamster, and be a part of what he sees as a thriving example of sustainability. 

 Nick Sibley - 2018

 Nick comes to Natural Roots with a broad array of agricultural experiences. He has experience in forestry, maple syrup production, and vegetable seed production. He has worked as an ecologist and woodworker and has completed graduate-level coursework in the Conservation Biology program at Antioch University New England. Nick was fortunate to participate in the draft horse program at Sterling College in 2014 and is excited to develop deeper teamster skills at Natural Roots.


Courtney Ryan - 2018

 Courtney was born and raised in Northern California, although she has danced around the East Coast several times before. Most recently she completed a Biodynamic training program in Spring Valley, New York and Sacramento, California. She is looking forward to a season of learning about combining two of her passions, horses and farming. Her other interests include swimming, reading, and ceramics.



 Nate Kraus-Malett & Emily Landeck - 2013 & 2014, and Lauren Bruns - 2014

Nate came to us from a season at Hearty Roots in Red Hook, NY, and before that Sylvester Manor Educational Farm on Shelter Island, NY, where Emily worked for both years. Lauren farmed previously at Dickinson College Farm in Carlisle, PA.  Lauren has since moved back home to Maine, and Nate & Emily still live in the area.


P1040464 Tyler Sage - 2012

Tyler came to us from North Plain Farm in Great Barrington, and before that spent a season at Moon in the Pond Farm in Sheffield, the same year as Jeff Backer was there. With Tyler came Marie, who is a very large, sweet and mellow dog. Tyler is now living in Montague where he is raising hogs on Suzanne & Al Webber's land. He has a horse logging business as well. Here's a link to a great article about Tyler's logging business:



P1040690 Andrew Currie - 2012

Andrew worked the previous season down in the valley at Crimson & Clover Farm, and before that attended The Farm School in Orange, MA. Andrew has been spending the last few summers helping out at Anne and Eric Nordell's farm in PA. 





P1020724 Lily Carone - 2011

For the 2011 season Lily commuted in from her home on Atlas Farm in Deerfield. She had hoped to glean what she could of horse-powered farming from her days here with the goal of someday implementing horsepower to some degree at Atlas as well.


P1020274 Daniel Berry - 2010 & 2011

Daniel arrived here in June of 2010, plunging right into the fray for the first day of CSA. He came with his hive of bees and educated us little by little in the ways of beekeeping as he made his own way through his first years as a beekeeper. We were thrilled that Daniel returned for a second season to round out his developing teamster skills and deepen his experience on our farm. We are also very happy that he has decided to settle in the area.

P1020023 Jeff Backer - 2010

After a great year with us in 2010 Jeff went on to manage his own farm in Grafton, MA. He leased land from the Grafton Land Trust to establish Potter Hill Farm, where he grew mostly heirloom vegetables and raised a few beef cows and some hogs. He may transition to animal power at some point, but for the time being he is relying on a 1952 Farmall Cub to help get him through. He has since moved to New Hampshire where he raises hogs and makes his own sausage blends. Here's a link to his farm website:

P1020023_2 Devon Burgess - 2010

Devon's apprenticeship with us was cut short after only two months when he died from an accident in Cambridge on May 2nd, 2010. He was an adventurous, determined, caring, and vibrant spirit who lived life to the fullest and is remembered with much love. Together with his friends and family we planted a red oak by the bridge in his memory.


P1010589 Dan Criss & Rachel Hestrin - 2009

Dan & Rachel came to us from a season at Keith's Farm in New York, and before that Buckwheat Blossom Farm in Maine and Tillers International in Michigan. We're not sure what either is up to currently.




P1010020 Micah & Bethany Spicher Schonberg - 2008

Micah & Bethany graced our farm with their lovely presences for the 2008 season. They then went on to start up their own farm (now horse-powered as well!) on Bethany's parents' land in Pennsylvania in 2009. Visit their website at to see what great things they are up to now.


P1000374 Anthony Mecca - 2008

Anthony is now also a partner in a horse-powered CSA farm of his own in the Hudson Valley in New York. See more about what he's up to at: .